The wasted years of being irrelevant

the crowd, you are not there

It’s your voice within the crowd, see? No one hears what you say. You either sing with the song, or you are out of the party.

You wish if things were simpler than that. You wish if there are lots of songs and albums that belong to many musical tastes. What if we have multiple “parties”? What if we could all sing what represent ourselves? You may hate Jazz, but I like it. You may like Metal, but I don’t. It’s okay.

The Foundation of Arts and Restricted Talks (FART) tries to convince us that there is always one party, one singer, and one song. This holy musical taste that everyone should listen to, this one voice with the non-sense words.
They say if you wanted to sing, you have to get on our fragile stage, their trap.

The stage is all they have, but we have the art.



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